Get a unique style look with these amazing lipstick ideas
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A fine lipstick can transform a regular Jane into a show-stopping bombshell in moments. Lipstick colors have ranged from nudes to bright reds, but we are just beginning to see the potential of lipstick colors.

Ready to step up your color game and show everyone your unique style? Here are some color ideas that are as out of this world as you are.

 1- Candy Cane Lipstick

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Use a base red coat to achieve this fashionable and fun look. Accent with red and white stripes and do not be afraid to bedazzle with stars or festive themed items.

2- Matte Hot Pink Lipstick

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Take a risk with some hot pink matte lipstick. Simple and quick- but will make any outfit pop and make any lips perfectly kissable.

3- Galaxy Lipstick

Galaxy Lipstick colors
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Galaxy lips are perfect for a night out or parties where you want to make an impression. Your base is a matte maroon. Cover with a glittery blue lipstick. Make sure to not cover your entire lips with the blue shimmer, fade it to the maroon in the corner.

4- Glitter Bomb Lipstick

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Be the goddess you feel you are inside. Glitter is perfect for any occasion and with gold and silver hues it just screams royalty!

5- Mermaid Lipstick

Use a deep green base and purple shimmer to capture the mystery of the sea. Do not shy away from gemstone, sprinkle them symmetrically on the corners of your lips to complete the look.

6- Bleeding Heart Lipstick

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With a steady hand, this lipstick can take your look to the next level whether you’re in costume or in the coolest nightclub in town.

7- Light Pink Ombre Lipstick

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For a more daytime look try to do an ombre with a medium and a light pink.

8- Shooting Star Lipstick

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Black Lipstick makes a statement on its own, so think about incorporating very small gems and the outer space scenery of a shooting star!

9- Pink Ombre

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Looking for a sophisticated lip color? Try fully coloring your pink with a magenta then go back to center sections with a lighter shade.

10- Pink and Red Lipstick

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Color-blocking isn’t just for clothes! Practice a bold look by using red and pink in specific sections.

11- Rainbow Glitter Lipstick

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If rainbow is your favorite color, why not show your colorful character with a fun mix of colors and glitter! Great for parties, clubs, and even special themed events.

12- Highlighted Red Lipstick

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Create your own lip contours by blending other colors into your matter. Use yellows for highlights and browns for shadows then blend for a three-dimensional look.

13- Bright Galaxy Lipstick

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Have you ever seen a picture of a galaxy that took your breath away? Use shimmering hot pinks, blues, and purples to reimagine a world outside our own.

14- Nude Ombre Lipstick

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As crazy as it sounds- nude is in! Take it to the next level with a nude ombre that is appropriate for work or play.

15- Classic Red Lipstick

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Keep it simple and classy with a neat and glossy red lip. Use sharp lines and dress up any outfit in seconds.

16- Glossy Hot Pink Lipstick

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Women who wear hot pink don’t make a statement, they are the statement. Be bold with a fun, yet sexy hue. Don’t forget the gloss!


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