Applying eyeliner is certainly one of the trickiest parts of the make-up routine. It is exactly defined as the prettiest part of your body and you can often create attractive eyes with the aid of eyeliner. And for that, you absolutely need a stable hand in addition with a lot of patience to get it just right. Once you accomplish a great work with eyeliner, it actually can open up your eyes and make an improvement to all of your facial.

Therefore, to help you render up your eyes appearing bigger, much wider, and more wonderful. We’ve shared with you some of the popular eyeliner mistakes that you should correct them to obtain a wonderful eye look.

1/ Use a pencil eyeliner

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To give your eyes the best look ever and to apply eyeliner properly, try to use an eyeliner pencil, and avoid using the Liquid eyeliner because it gives to your eyes a harsh and heavy look.

2/ Don’t extend your eyelids

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Don’t extend or stretch your eyelids when you applying eyeliner. That makes your skin wrinkled. Instead of stretching your eyes, try lifting your chin up, a bit, and then you can easily apply the eyeliner correctly onto your eyes.

3/ Fill in the lash line entirely 

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At the time you applying eyeliner, make certain that there not a gap between your eyeliner and lash line, which will give your eyes a smooth look. Therefore, for a wonderful and cool eye look fill in the lash line gap completely.

4/ Don’t miss applying eyeshadow

Eye-shadow is an easy and quick way to fix your eyes look. it is actually working to render your eyeliner fresh for a longer time and will ensure that it doesn’t smudge. So don’t mess up putting the eyeshadow after applying the eyeliner.

5/ Use the eyelash curler

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Utilise an eyelash curler before you apply eyeliner simply because applying curler after applying eyeliner can remove your current eyeliner and also can make your hard work stressful.

6/ Use a wet eyeliner

Stay away from using the dry eyeliners, these eyeliners make your a rough and smooth less finish, and also makes your eyes appear too lighting. Therefore, it is usually recommended to utilize a moist eyeliner for a gentle and brilliant look.

7/ Apply the primer

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You should put on a primer before applying eyeliner. This will aid your eyeliner to stay in for a long time.

8/ Panda look eyes

You should stop the practice of employing eyeliner under your eyes with the intention to prevent the panda look. That provides to your eyes a bad and heavy look.


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