how you can do french manicure

As every lady know, that getting a good manicure is what the hands need it to look fabulous, it’s just like the attention and maintenance that we are presenting to the rest of our body to make them look perfect every day. And to get a great nail aesthetic, there’s nothing more iconic than the white-tipped nails or like it called the French manicure. This nail art is what common request at nail salons everywhere, it is sophisticated and classy, and will never go out of fashion.

So if you’re excited to learn how to make your own french nails and investing time and money by taking care to your nails at home, without going into the salon each time.

Knowaabout listed for you all the right steps that you will need it to make a super-simple french manicure at home, step by step with no missing steps for beautiful nails:

1. Trimming your nails

french manicure /Trimming your Nails
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First, you must trim your nails to the required length. Make sure all of them has been trimming. also Be aware when we speaking about the French manicure, wherever your nails are longer they are better.

2. Soak your nails

french manicure / soak your nails

Soak your hands into a bowl with warm water for own minute. This process helps your nails to rid out their oils, to dry nails who make your mixture of french manicure stay as long time.

3. Buff the top of your nails

french manicure / Buff top of nails
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Once your nails are dry, refine the top your of nails by using a Nail Filer for making them ready for the nail polish, this steps will prepare your nails very well for the next step.

4. Use the base coast

french manicure / Use the base coast

Now its time to apply the base coat on your nails, and it’s required that you use the PS Polish, with his formula it gives your nails a clear case coat that makes them on to the show. Then after applying this base, let your nails dry it for about few minutes.

5. Use the white nail polish

french manicure / Use the white nail polish

In this step, once your base coat is dry, use a nail guides on your nails for a perfect french manicure, then focus when you use the white nail polish on your tips, then let your nails dry for a 50 second.

6. Use soft pink nail

Make sure that you choose a soft pink nail polish, we required to use the poppy art pink by Essie, then paint it on your nails. This pink nail polish will blend all the colors of your nail together and make your french manicure look perfectly natural.

7. Apply top coat

french manicure / Apply top coat

Finally, apply a top coat of nail polish by using the Seche Vite Top Coat over your nails, and allow it for dry for 40 seconds. After that, you must avoid doing things with your hands until the top coat dry.


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