The basic steps to apply your own gel nails at home properly as a pro

The gel nails are definitely the best nail polish for fingertips. So, If you’re one of those women who looking for getting a high-quality gel nail at home, without going into the salon each time. Be happy, you’re in the right place.

Here, we’ve covered for you the basic step that you need it for applying gel nails at home as a pro, to avoid any mishaps that have maybe encountered you before, and get an amazing gel nail application ever:

1/ Prepare your nails

First, you must Wash your nails and dry them thoroughly. Then use a slanted side of the manicure stick, and push back gently your cuticles, to make the gel nails adhere correctly and also create a longer gel.

After that make sure that use a lint-free wipe soaked with alcohol to clean up your nails of any extra debris.

2/Use a primer nails

primer nails for gel nails at home
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In this step, you should use a gel nail primer to create an extra sticky layer for the gel polish. Make it as a circle ensure your nails, that we called by a halo, the try uses it sparingly to make it super easy in the removal when you want to change another color, then let it dry for 40 seconds.

3/Use the skin care ointment

the skin care ointment around nails

Before you start applying the gel manicure on your nails, Apply a skin care ointment around your skin nails, that help you avoid touching your skin with this product, and if that has accidentally happened, the ointment it’s your cover, and you can wipe it right off when you are done.

4/Apply the gel nail polish

apply gel nails at home

Now you’re ready to put your favorite nail polish color, but before that, you need to shake the bottle of gel polish for 30 seconds, to make it easier on the application. Then use your color of nail polish, you must use the modicum of nail polish not as you did with the regular one, that makes you avoid the problem of getting a thick around your cuticles and nail edge. Use 3 coasts to make your nails looking super cool.

5/ apply the top coat nail

top coat to do gel nails at home

After waiting for a while, apply a top coat over the nail polish and make sure that you cover completely the color gel polish, then leave it for 20 seconds. After this step, you must avoid touching the cuticles or the skin of the sides of nails. This top coat makes your gel nails to hold on a long time.


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