steps to how get kylie jenner lip
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You might have already applied your Lip Kit and wondered, “How can I get like Kylie Jenner lip? how she’s doing it?” Well, now that question has been answered for you. After Kylie has posted her Lip Kit tutorial on the Snapchat, she shows up the steps that she uses it to get huge plump pout lips, and it turns out she does things a little differently than you might think.

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 So if you’re looking to get the perfect liquid lipstick pout as Kylie Jenner lip, then you’ll want to follow her steps to get a glossy and bigger lip:

1/ Clean up lips, entire your lips with lip liner

how to do the Kylie Jenner lips

2. Apply Liquid Lipstick

how to do the Kylie Jenner lips

Choose your favorite liquid lipstick, and apply it by using a lip brush in the center of your lips, and try to fill the entire lips. That adds a precision to the application. Don’t get crazy with it.

3/ Taps The Lipstick

how to do the Kylie Jenner lips

But the final step is the real game-changer, you must taps the lipstick out with your finger until it dries. She warns that some of it will come off on your hand, but assures her fans that it’ll still look great.

It’s that easy!

She’s genius isn’t she ! apply these simple tips and share your experience with us.


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