eyes fill/ how to apply eyeliner
Image from: Shonagh Scott

Obtaining a wonderful winged eyeliner with greater eyes, It’s actually the huge desire for all women in the world. As we know, it’s definitely a hard thing to get as this eyes, with an equal eyeliner on both the eyes, specifically if you’re only a beginner – you will need to have a truly steady hand, one wrong move and you will spell a disaster.

Therefore, to help you get an impeccably winged eyeliner, with absolutely no woes of beauty. We’ve covered for you all tips that the cosmetics specialists use it, to make you recognize the right methods to obtain remarkable eyes look every day. We’re pretty sure, these following eyeliner tips can help you to learn how to apply eyeliner as a pro.

1/ Products that you need it!

First things, you need to have a liquid eyeliner with a thin brush, it is necessary to use a high-quality brush to apply your eyeliner properly, and help you to realize a wonderful eye.

2/ Apply eyeliner in upper line lash 

learn how to apply eyeliner
Image from: Shonagh Scott

Shake up your eyeliner bottle as well, that makes the formula smooth and so easy for applying. Utilize the thin brush to create a line upper your lash line.

3/ Create the wings

learn how to apply eyeliner create wings
Image from: Shonagh Scott

Take your thin brush, and start applying the eyeliner from the upper corners, and then drag it outwards to create the wing, it’s important to hold the brush flat. This step helps you make sure that your liner is equal and give your eyes a elongates look.

4/ Put the eyeliner Toward The Centre


how to apply eyeliner
Image from: Shonagh Scott

Keep on applying the tint of eyeliner on the lower lash line, get in the direction of the deep corners. Place your brush just as close up since to the basic of your lashes and wiggle the brush one time on the skin.

5/ Don’t tug the skin eyes

Also, try to not ever tug the area of your eyes once you drawing your eyes, that will extend your skin layer which makes your line slanted.

6/ Fill your eyes with eyeliner

eyes fill/ how to apply eyeliner
Image from: Shonagh Scott

Fill in the gaps by utilizing the liner brush on your own lower lashes, then simply tick it forward and towards the back. That may help you to build a subtle version of a kitty cat eyes looks, as you see in the picture.


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