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When it comes to eyeshadow, everyone wants to get nearly a glamorous eyeshadow as Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, but the eyeshadow is one of those application techniques that takes time, it needs practicing and patience to master it.

So if you want to know how to eyeshadow like a pro, and make this foolproof step in your beauty routine looking amazing.

Here is your eyeshadow application guide: List of the best eyeshadow tutorials, from professional artists in YouTube, that will teach you how to put eyeshadow perfectly like a pro:

Dos and Don’ts in eyeshadow

Laura lee a famous YouTuber, share with us her great collection of tips and tricks, about what you should do it and what you shouldn’t when you make put Eyeshadow makeup. In this video, she recommended using synthetic makeup brushes for practicing her perfect technique. That’s mean better product application and blending at a much cheaper price “Awesome”.

How to eyeshadow with a Gold Glitter

Make sure, in this tutorial you will learn the basic eyeshadow technique to make your eyeshadow looking super cool. Tina Halada shares with her technique eye makeup. While she has entered the glitter cut crease, it’s perfect steps for a summer look, that make your eyes more bright.

Eyeshadow Tutorial of Everyday Drugstore 

This professional makeup artist Jaclyn Hil, share with us her great tips, to how you can use a budget-friendly product from the drugstore to do eyeshadow makeup every day. So if you’re looking for everyday makeup on a budget of drugstore, we highly recommend this tutorial for you, it’s will help you so much to get a super look eyeshadow.

how to apply eyeshadow natural look

If you’re a beginner, and you won’t get an extra natural eyeshadow, this video tutorial is what you’re looking for. Alexandra Girly teach us the proper steps that you need to do it before you start applying the matte shadows, that will help you to get a perfect eyeshadow look with no beauty woes.

Eyeshadow tutorial step by step for beginners 

For all beginners, it’s an important thing to know how to use the eyeshadow primer. For that Wayne Goss share with us his wonderful tutorial video, about the right steps that every beginner need to know it for an awesome eyeshadow every single time.

Everyday Warm Matte Eyeshadow

Make your eyeshadow maintaining a dimension on the eye, is what every woman looking for it, it’s like a sign for a good eyeshadow. An Knook shares with us her useful steps, to how you can achieve this eyes.

So, we hope these eyeshadow tutorials was properly helpful for everyone search to know “how to eyeshadow like a pro”.

And if you found these youtube tutorials very useful for you, or you have any questions, please share with us your opinion.


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