For each woman, there is almost nothing much better as applying a great lipstick, in fact, is truly one of the most important fashion products that the majority of women simply can’t do without. Since the popular expression says: “Give a female the perfect lipstick and then she will be able to conquer the world”.

But applying lipstick perfectly isn’t easy as you think, wearing lipstick is an art, and notoriously really a hard thing to get a great lip look without having some brilliant hacks from a pro artist’s of makeup.

Luckily for you, in this article, we’ve gathered for you a few hacks from the pro artists of makeup, that we’re pretty sure they will aid you to know how to apply lipstick like a pro.

1/ Exfoliate the area of your lips

Exfoliate the area of your lips/ apply lipstick as a pro

Walking around with chapped and dry lips is not something that you wanna do, as the pro makeup artist Hess says: “With a sophisticated lipstick, you will need a smooth and hydrated lip.” Which mean it’s necessary that you’ve got smooth lips before applying lipstick.

To do that you need to exfoliate by mixing the raw sugar and honey, or if you want you can just use the sugar. And massage gently the mixture on your lips, then leave it for about 10 minutes, after that clean your lips with warm water. This step will help you to remove the dead skin on the surface of your lips and give your lips a healthy look for a perfect lipstick application.



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