Lipstick tips

Lipstick is an essential product that has the power to flatter your overall look. It’s the excellent solution to create a statement and usually becomes the completion that connects your own appearance collectively.

Just add the right color to your lips and get an awesome look. Use the wrong lipstick color and you will destroy your entire appearance. For that, it’s an important task that you choose the perfect color that suits you and enhances your beauty.

Knowaabout has created for you these 6 Lipstick tips to find the perfect shade color that suits you and enhance your beauty.

1/ Defining the skin tone

lipstick tips for fair skin, dark skin, deep skin, Tan skin, and medium skin

First of all, you need to define what type of skin tone that you have from these 5 usual types fair, light, medium, tan, and deep.

Fair or light skin tone:  The best lipstick colors for fair skin or light skin tone are: Light pink, nude, and dusty red colors.

Medium skin tone: For a medium skin tone, the colors of lipstick that will work very well are: Rose, berry, mauve and cherry red colors.

Tan skin tone: The lipstick colors that suit with tan skin tone are: Coral, bright red and brown shades.

Deep skin tone: Browns and purple shades like plum, caramel and blue-red, these lipstick colors are definitely what make girls with deep skin tone looking beautiful.

2/ Determine the skin undertones 

how to choose lipstick color online
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You should also know what type of skin undertone that you have. The undertones can be classified as the warm undertone, cool undertone. and a neutral undertone. This is your guide for skin undertones.

Cool undertones: Choose a nude shade or soft mocha if you have a fair or light skin tone. For medium skin tone, you can use pink or cranberry hues colors lipstick. and for Deep skin tone, you prefer to use a ruby or wine shades.

Warm undertones: If you have a fair or light skin tone the best shades for you are pale pinks and peaches. The medium, deep and tan skin tones are suited with lipstick colors like copper or bronze shades.

Neutral undertones: You can test an entire collection, including to the two type of undertones skin above, warm and cool.

3/ The shape of the lips

How To Pick The Right Lipstick Shade

If you have a huge upper lip, you need to use a brilliant lipstick shade on the bottom of the lips, then apply a fairly dark color of the same shade on the upper lip.

In case your bottom lip area is bigger, choose a shade that mixes well with your skin undertones and puts a few light nudes in the middle of the upper lip.

For asymmetrical lips look, you can use a pencil to define your lips and be aware that the color of the lipstick is the same as the pencil.

4/ The lips size

You have thin lips look, Then you need to avoid the flashy and dark lipstick colors because these colors will make your lips looking more thinner. And you must apply the glossy and the creamy lipsticks.

You have plump lips look, so you need to avoid the lipstick shades that are lightning and glossy. Use the matte lipstick that will make you look gorgeous.

5/ The color of the hair

tips to find the perfect lipstick that suits you

You have dark hair and your skin tone are fair or light, your perfect lipstick colors:  Bright pink, scarlet, cherry, and plum shades.

You have a Blond hair with a skin tone fair or light, the perfect lipstick shades that suit you are the following colors:  Dusty pink, purply pink, light pink, and scarlet shades.

You have dark hair and your skin tone are tan or deep, then you need to choose these lipstick colors: Golden beige, ochre, terracotta, and bronze shades.

You have a Blond hair with a skin tone deep or tan, your own colors lipstick: Caramel, ochre, warm pinks, and salmon pink colors.

You have brown hair and your skin tone is medium, then you must use these lipstick colors: Beige, salmon pink, corals, and deep dusty pinks shades.

6/ Eyes color

tips to find the perfect lipstick that suits you

Your eyes color is brown, so the greatest lipstick colors for you are bright reds, browns, and light pinks shades.

Your eyes color is blue, then you need to pick these colors: different shades of cherry or scarlet.

Your eyes color is Green, so what will make you look awesome is using these colors: The terracotta and pink shades.

Your eyes color is Grey, then the lipstick colors that suit with your eyes are The nudes and plum shades.


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