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Am sure you have come across a lady with a pretty marble nail design that took your breath away and left you murmuring “is that what I think it is?” Well, if you thought of water marble nail art, you are right. This is the new trend in town, and every girl is doing it. It is quite easy to achieve such an attractive look all by yourself, although I must admit getting such a glossy and classy finish can be an uphill task at first. You will need to try it a couple of times before you end up with the desired results. Don’t be left behind, try this DIY water marble nail art and trust me the only time you will be seen in a beauty parlor is when you are going to get your hairdo.

Pantone colors water marble

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A girl is all about glamour, class and looks, nothing less. This marble nail design will just blow your mind off. It is less conspicuous making you achieve that calm look that will leave everyone amazed. It consists of two colors with gorgeous patterns. This is exactly what you need while attending official functions like office meetings. This designs will just give you enough attention needed for someone to notice you and not judge you.

Teal, white and coral water marble

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This gorgeous DIY nail art is a bit more conspicuous than the Pantone colors. The shades show well, and the patterns are so beautiful. They are visible, and their beauty can be seen from a distant. They go well with any casual outfit and can be worn when heading out for drinks or a date.

Black, white and blue water marble

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Once you get this nail art, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself. You will spend your whole day flashing your hands to your friends for them to see how lovely they look. This water marble is very cute. The floral design spread evenly, and it is very ideal for those girls with short nails. This is definitely a weekend look when you are out and about minding your business.

Green and black water marble

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This is a good choice for those ladies who are obsessed with dark colors, white paint is added to make them pop, and the green is glittery giving you a lovely look. The black makes the finishing look amazing and also brings out the gothic look. I would highly recommend them to those ladies who are obsessed with dark colors.

Turquoise gold and black water marble

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Gorgeous art nail, that is one word that comes to my mind why I think of myself wearing these. The color combination is just amazing, and the results are desirable. If you are out with your girls and you want to impress, this is exactly what you need.

Abstract shamrock and swirl water marble

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For those girls who love how flower petals spread especially sunflower, look no further. You can see easily that look replicated on you making your fingers look catchy and classy. This would go pretty well with any green and other related shades outfit. It is gorgeous and very beautiful.

Art deco inspired water marble

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Are you about to go out on a date with that guy? Yeah, you know who. Get this art deco inspired marble. Although it requires a bit of patience to achieve. The end result is breathtaking and worth the hustle. The uniformity is just wow, be prepared to receive all sorts of compliments from your date once he sees your hands.

Easter pastels water marble

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This is just the right look for those pretty ladies who love the faded stuff. The artwork itself is faded and will go with any outfit. The colors are all light and not that bright. It is highly recommended for those people who just want a calm look that brings out the glamour and class. For anyone who doesn’t like bright glittery colors, then this marble nail design will perfectly suit your taste.

Scarlet Macaw inspired water marble

This requires three steps to be complete. First, you need to apply the base color that plain then uses a rubber-like a device to apply the next color which will be part of the final look. You will then need the marble nail art to come up with the required design. The end result is a lovely and colorful, really colorful butterfly wings.

Pink hollow water marble

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Basically, it’s pink with a very lovely background design. This is very good for those Barbie girls who love pink and are not into chaotic designs. It is very simple but classy and can go with any outfit. It is also a way of applying pink with a bit of compromise since the floral design break the monotony. I would highly recommend them for wedding events and galas.

Rainbow miracle stickers water marble

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These are our individual stickers made from water marble. Once they are ready and dry, all you need to do is stick them on your nails. Make sure you have the base color before adding the marble nail stickers. They have very beautiful rainbow colors that make you look like a goddess. They can blend well with any casual outfit. If you are headed for a picnic or a birthday party, then be sure your nails will fit right in.

Follow this marble nails tutorial with My Simple Little Pleasures and pick up for yourself the best marble nail design that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Veil Technique

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There are ladies who prefer simple but classy DIY nail designs; well don’t feel left out because you can try veil nail art that requires only one shade of color which is spread on water and left to dry then applied on the base color. This art also brings out unique designs and can be used to achieve the classy look you want. This is also a very good idea for those busy office ladies who have no time for creating patterns but what something very classy. They can comfortably attend meetings and other official gatherings without feeling weird.

Learn how you can make this easy marble nail art with This Youtube tutorial:


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