mascara tips and tricks
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Mascara is that fabulous beauty product that can actually enhance your natural beauty and make you look glamorous.

However to achieve this appearance it is not that easy as you know, mascara is considered as one of the difficult makeup techniques that you can’t master without having some tips from pro artists of makeup.

For that, we’re here to give you some useful mascara tips from pro artists that will help you to make eyelashes look longer and achieve flutter-ready lashes.

1 The Right place to put mascara

Apply mascara on the bottom lashes then simply on the upper lashes, and make sure that you don’t repeat it, that can make your eyes look as a spider eye, which is a negative thing. The smartest thing that you can do is moving the wand in a zig-zag motion from the root of the lash to the tip. And then constantly coat either side of the lashes because this is going to invent a thickening effect.

2 Use a lash conditioners

Lashes and hair are a little bit the same thing, and using the lash conditioners can be very helpful for your eyelashes, that will make them stronger and longer.

3 Heat the curler

Heat your curler for a few seconds because you want it to be a little warm before using. That will help you to keep your lashes curled all day.

4 Soak mascara wind

Soak your mascara in a glass of lukewarm water before using it, that makes your mascara more smooth and provides you with comfortable applying.

5 Wipe brush

Always before applying a new brand of mascara, you need to wipe your brush, In this way, you can get a feeling for the brush and simply how much to load up for maximum effect minimum flick back!

6 Scrap the brush

You need to scrape off the excess formula from the brush. This way you won’t get too much on lashes and you will be able to avoid clumping.

7 Brush through lashes

Use the brush through your lashes before applying mascara, which makes you obtain natural eyelashes. Moreover, it helps you spread them out and guarantee the wand coats on every single hair for a more dramatic look.

8 Use a business card under eyes

To avoid get some mascara below your eyes, it’s necessary to use a business card or paper note when you are applying the mascara.

9 Waterproof mascara

Utilize a water-proof mascara to ensure that the bits of black formula don’t drop from your lashes. Be sure to remove it with Vaseline at the end of the day to avoid damage to your lashes.


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