Tips to get a Well-Groomed and Stylish look

We all know that it’s hard to get a daily stylish look with the lack of time because of work or house responsibilities, And Though, there are tricks that can make you look great even when you are caught off guard with no time or money to spare.

Knowaabout created a list “Tips to how to get a Well-Groomed and Stylish look every day” that’ll help you go from a beat-up person to a person worthy of a magazine cover or a least a lot of compliments.

1. Oily Hair? Wash your hair partially

Oily Hair Wash your hair partially/ stylish look

Greasy and oily roots can really spoil your look. You may try to wash your hair if you don’t have dry shampoo or a hairdryer, and then find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Separate narrow strands of hair from your forehead and temples; put the rest of the hair back and make a low ponytail. Wash the separated strands under running water, preferably with shampoo. Wait about 20 minutes for your damp hair to dry. After that, make a high ponytail carefully covering your greasy roots with freshly washed locks.

2. Fix your nails with the toothbrush and hot water

Fix your nails with toothbrush and hot water/ stylish look

Hot water and a soft toothbrush to the rescue. Soak your hands in a bowl with hot water for 5-10 minutes. After that use the toothbrush and clean your fingers right into the water. You may add some soap. Your hands will look much better: the toothbrush cleans off both dirt and dead skin cells.

3. Increase your shoe lifespan with cream

Increase your shoes lifespan with cream / stylish look

You’re invited to some party and you’re unable to get a new pair of shoes, especially with your favorite ones getting messy? The harmful effects of water and dirt can be fixed with a simple hand cream. Apply a little bit of cream to your dry shoes and they’ll look much better in just a couple of hours, and that gives you a stylish look.

4. Get rid of that belly fat in 10 min a day

Get rid of that belly fat in 10 min a day / stylish look

We know it’s hard to stop eating junk food especially if you’re a moody person that gets her mood back after eating, but tonight you realized you have a date? And, your favorite pair of jeans is trying to get revenge for your overeating and won’t zip up. Don’t worry: squats will help you. This exercise has an instant positive effect. However, its benefits are more obvious if you do it on a regular basis :

– Feet shoulder width apart.
– Heels resting on the floor.
– Sit down as low as you can holding your back straight and looking straight in front of you. – After this, 20 sit-ups will make your belly look thinner and your jeans will easily zip up.

5. An instant hairdo illusion

An instant hairdo illusion / stylish look

If you have oily roots, your hair ends might often look dry, disordered, and split. To fix messy hair ends, you should use a hairbrush and a couple of drops of oil (essential, cosmetic, or olive oil).

– Apply several drops of oil to your brush and comb your hair ends (1.5 inches from ends). – The oil will smooth out split ends and make them look slick and shiny.
– Make sure you don’t touch your hair after the procedure, the oil on ends shouldn’t touch your oily roots.

6. Eye drops vs. pimples

Eye drops vs. pimples /stylish look

Women know how hard it is to treat stubborn breakouts. However, even when you get older a tricky pimple can appear out of nowhere at the worst possible time.

Don’t panic. Take a bottle of eye drops that contain vasoconstrictors, apply it to a cotton ball, and put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Then put the cotton ball on your pimple and wait for a couple of minutes. The drops will narrow blood vessels and make the color of your “problem” less vivid.

7. Auto-tan and body lift in 30 minutes

Auto-tan and body lift in 30 minutesHave you ever received an impromptu invitation to go to the beach? Except your body got used to lazing about on the couch and your skin tone looks milkier than golden brown. Well, to make yourself look better you’ll need about 30 minutes and a pack of ground coffee.

Brew coffee in boiling water and add a couple of spoons of olive oil to make the mix look like a thick scrub. Apply this scrub to clean skin after taking a hot bath or a shower. Rinse with warm water. Coffee will make your skin appear tanner and also remove extra moisture from your skin, making your silhouette look fit.

8. Not just for teeth

Not just for teeth

Certain unpleasant smells stay with you for a really long time, for example, fish, tobacco, or onions. Regular soap is pretty useless in these cases. Try to wash your hands using toothpaste. A fresh scent is guaranteed.

9. Beautiful arms

Beautiful armsOff-the-shoulder dresses require your arms to look perfect. Can you make your arms look more attractive in just 10 minutes? Yes, but you’ll have to work a little for it. Get weights with the maximum weight you can lift (approximately 8-10 kg). Do several repetitions of major arm muscle exercises: biceps, triceps, and shoulders. The blood will rush to the muscles and your arms will become more toned.


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